Texas and it’s pencil-written history…

Dear The Internet,

  Travis, of Colton’s The Prostitutes, here. Now I very seldomly post anything on the internet, anywhere, but I figure if my opinion is to be ignored, it might as well be ignored by the world. And if you are reading this and anticipate a boring read just leave now, or skip to the end of the page where you’ll find the music. Anyway, let’s get on with it….

  Right-wing members of the Texas Education Board succeeded Friday, March 12th in voting to ‘renew’ their history textbooks, which will undoubtedly (and unfortunately) include public-school textbooks. 

  What are the disputed inconsistancies? It’s a veritable grab-bag of Conservative ideals. Take a look.
  To start, teachers will be REQUIRED to cover the Judeo-Christian influence of our ‘Founding Fathers’, but not the philosophy of ‘Separation of Church and State’. In my opinion, this decries objective thinking, which breeds and perpetuates theological elitism, intolerance and religious bias in politics. For the youth of Texas (specifically, minors not protected under the Bill of Rights) this borders on ‘indoctrination through brainwashing’. Sounds like the dissolution of Democracy to me, but wait, it gets better!

   Additionally, textbooks will no longer refer to America as ‘Democratic’, but as a ‘Constitutional Republic’. Personally, I see this as a political game of ‘Duck, Duck, Goose’, a matter of misnomenclature (although not nearly as fun), because America is both in theory, yet neither in practice. We are NOT a Democracy, because: A) Not all citizens have an equal vote, i.e. felons; and B) America’s ’10 Commandments’ (the Bill of Rights) will never protect ‘the people’ as they were intended to do. And we’re most certainly not a Constitutional Republic because: A) Our ‘representatives’ regularly auction their votes (which represent OUR wishes) to the highest bidder, often with little regard to their agenda; and B) Gerrymandering does not honestly represent the people and their wishes. It’s much akin to rigging a card game. Gerrymandering is their ace in the hole. 

  Okay, so religious zealotry in Texas is no surprise at this juncture, right? Neither is made up words. The rest of my spiel won’t be any different but goddamn it! It’s as though Texas’ government officials don’t think…ever…FUCKING EVER! And if anyone has read this far don’t worry, I’m running out of steam. Just one more paragraph, because it’s all about Texas and it’s biggest contribution to our society…

  Good, old-fashioned southern-style racism! Alongside the blatant disregard for the 1st Amendment (and apparently the dictionary), conservatives shut out suggestions to include the names of notable Hispanics throughout Texas’ history, AND to specify that Tejanos (Texans of Mexican and/or Latin descent) did in fact die alongside Texas heroes Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie at the Alamo. That IS history, Texas’ history, so if Texas wants to renew or update it’s history books why not just fucking admit it? Then, to add insult to injury, sociology students will NO LONGER be required to “explain how institutional racism is evident in American society”! And so Texas goes on pretending it’s history is pure and ‘white’. 

  What might be the worst aspect is that they don’t care if they’re right; just that conservatism beat liberalism! Democrat Mavis Knight explained her vote against the current curriculum with, “We have manipulated strands to insert what we want it to be in the document, regardless as to whether or not it’s appropriate.”* 

  With an atrocious grasp of syntax and blind ignorance it saddens me to know that she is partly responsible for the education of the coming generation of Texans, and that she and others like her are effectively ensuring that racism, ignorance, cultural naivety, and authoritarian politics will endure while they rot in the ground.

  I know that was a bunch of shit to read, and I commend any and all of you for getting this far (if you did). I hope you leave informed, and at least slightly irratated by the audacity of man and his unmatched idiocy in repeating history, believing THIS time he’s right. It’s insanity, friends. It’s our future.

*Quote taken from “Texas Schools to Drop ‘Democratic’ from Textbooks”

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Freedom and Music…Freedom OF Music…

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