For the Discriminating and Discerning listener

Hey everyone, this is Juan from The Prostitutes.

We just played this weekend at Liam’s Irish Pub for MELann THE Zav’s ‘Annual Costume Party Punk Rock Bash’. The night’s line-up included The Ju Ju Bones, Pubic Zirconians, The Walking Toxins, The Maxies, The Retcons, and D.E.L.T.A. Some people may say that all of these bands are amazing; others might say that some of these bands suck. The thing is, one can’t judge unless they actually listen. The trouble with music in this day and age is the pretension. Everyone thinks they are the fucking authority on what is ‘good‘ music. It has gotten to the ridiculous point that some irreverent jackasses feel the need to put down music that they have, in fact, not even listened to.
Everyone needs to open their eyes, their ears, and their minds. Give music a chance. If you go to a concert, don’t just stand in the back and judge the opening bands. Those fuckers are up there, for no pay (in some cases actually paying to play), trying to get their music across to you. They are presenting their ideas, their imagination, their passion to you, the very least you can do is keep your idiotic heckling to yourself, and hell, if you think the music is good, CLAP! Also, it doesn’t kill anyone to dance. Go ahead, run up to the front and make yourself look like a jackass, IT’S FUN! What happened to punk rock? People didn’t used to care what others thought of them, but now the scene is all about looking the coolest, and making the most sarcastic remark. It used to be about people working together to put forth music they were passionate about, now it’s about putting everyone else around you down so that you can make up for how shitty your band is.

It’s about time you realize, all of you, that YOUR scene is what YOU make it. SoMAKE YOUR SCENE WORTH IT! It’s been said before, but always keep it in mind, our scene will not tolerate pretentious assholes, nor pestilent snobs.

If you want to give good music a chance, or if you just managed to waste several non-refundable minutes reading my rant, then feel free to download some good music from the links below.

Man Is Ram By The Prostitutes
One More Day E.P. By The Retcons

If you like it, leave a comment and tell me what you think.

If you don’t, then leave a comment and tell me what you think.

If you are going to be an asshole, well…at least be creative about it.

~ by Fourbar Records on February 22, 2010.

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