The Retcons-”One More Day EP”

“So I was having trouble with writing our band bio.  Three bowls and a two beers later, Ms. Lisa T. said she would take a wack at it.  Here’s the result:
‘The Retcons…they suck.  But their blend of pop punk makes their suckiness blossom into radness.  They are the delicate angels in a punk rock world.  You should take a smell of their flower and take it from their garden.  I know some of them are virgins because they like comic books, toys, and nerd bullshit.  They don’t even have geeky songs so I don’t even know why they rep that.  I’m really trying to get at least one of them laid.  Those fuckers are Straight Edge but they’re not haters.  You know what, fuck those guys.
-Lisa T.’
She forgot to say we are from Riverside, CA and we started our little band in 2007.
-The End…or is it.”     -The David, The Retcons

Here we have the One More Day E.P. by The Retcons, our favorite Jurassic Park inspired punk rock band.

One More Day E.P.

These guys are playing usually somewhere, and chances are it’s with The Maxies and D.E.L.T.A., which makes for a damn good show. So get your ass over to their myspace (, check their Upcoming Shows, and then drag your lifeless body down to the nearest show. You won’t be disappointed.

~ by Fourbar Records on February 8, 2010.

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