The Prostitutes-Discography

The 6  recordings below follow the Inland Empire Hardcore Punk band, The Prostitutes, from chaotic garage band to polished white-noise generators. It’s strange how in five years of tweaking, tuning and timing you can barely tell the difference. HA!

Anyway, for your discerning ears we have their two full-length albums, two early demos, a rough-mix EP and their live performance with punk legends, CH3. While there are quite a few repeated songs, rest assured, they are ALL great tracks and well-worth listening to.

The first, and worst, is a demo of the band’s earliest songs, We Know We Suck: The Demo, recorded with another band’s equipment in a garage. With one mic for the drums and guitar, and the other for vocals, it’s amazing that you can hear anything.

We Know We Suck: The Demo

Recorded just a few months later, the second demo, Enraged Pedestrians, is a great example of the band’s progression, both technically and musically, from We Know We Suck: The Demo.

Enraged Pedestrians

Doctors, Lawyers and Patience…”, The Prostitutes first full-length album, was recorded in 2007 at the KSDT Radio Station by the band’s friend, and KSDT DJ, Ivan Dominguez. This 12-track record is a mix of the bands classics and a fistful of new songs, heard only at live shows for over a year.

Doctors, Lawyers and Patience…

Recorded during the Man is Ram! sessions at KSDT (almost 2 years after “Doctors“), the Testicle-Shitting Rectal-Wart EP is the first half of the Man is Ram! LP completely unmastered and, presumably, without bass tracks, due to the new bassist’s limited knowledge of the bands material.

Testicle-Shitting Rectal-Wart EP

A few weeks later the recording and mastering of “Man is Ram!”, their second full-length  album, was complete. This album (their most current studio album) contains a more diverse mix of old and new material, and a studio-recorded cover of the Dead Kennedys’ song “Insight“.

Man Is Ram!

Lastly, “Live @ Angel’s Sports Bar” is the band’s live performance at “Angel’s Sports Bar and Grill” with the legendary hardcore-punk band, CH3. Along with covers of Agression’s “Money Machine” and The Dead Milkmen’s “Tiny Town”, the setlist includes the only recordings of the band’s newest material, such as “Final Approach” and “Late Night Rape Party”.

Live @ Angel’s

That’s all for now. Love it or hate it, it’s still there.

~ by Fourbar Records on February 6, 2010.

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