The Retcons-”One More Day EP”

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“So I was having trouble with writing our band bio.  Three bowls and a two beers later, Ms. Lisa T. said she would take a wack at it.  Here’s the result:
‘The Retcons…they suck.  But their blend of pop punk makes their suckiness blossom into radness.  They are the delicate angels in a punk rock world.  You should take a smell of their flower and take it from their garden.  I know some of them are virgins because they like comic books, toys, and nerd bullshit.  They don’t even have geeky songs so I don’t even know why they rep that.  I’m really trying to get at least one of them laid.  Those fuckers are Straight Edge but they’re not haters.  You know what, fuck those guys.
-Lisa T.’
She forgot to say we are from Riverside, CA and we started our little band in 2007.
-The End…or is it.”     -The David, The Retcons

Here we have the One More Day E.P. by The Retcons, our favorite Jurassic Park inspired punk rock band.

One More Day E.P.

These guys are playing usually somewhere, and chances are it’s with The Maxies and D.E.L.T.A., which makes for a damn good show. So get your ass over to their myspace (, check their Upcoming Shows, and then drag your lifeless body down to the nearest show. You won’t be disappointed.

The Prostitutes-Discography

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The 6  recordings below follow the Inland Empire Hardcore Punk band, The Prostitutes, from chaotic garage band to polished white-noise generators. It’s strange how in five years of tweaking, tuning and timing you can barely tell the difference. HA!

Anyway, for your discerning ears we have their two full-length albums, two early demos, a rough-mix EP and their live performance with punk legends, CH3. While there are quite a few repeated songs, rest assured, they are ALL great tracks and well-worth listening to.

The first, and worst, is a demo of the band’s earliest songs, We Know We Suck: The Demo, recorded with another band’s equipment in a garage. With one mic for the drums and guitar, and the other for vocals, it’s amazing that you can hear anything.

We Know We Suck: The Demo

Recorded just a few months later, the second demo, Enraged Pedestrians, is a great example of the band’s progression, both technically and musically, from We Know We Suck: The Demo.

Enraged Pedestrians

Doctors, Lawyers and Patience…”, The Prostitutes first full-length album, was recorded in 2007 at the KSDT Radio Station by the band’s friend, and KSDT DJ, Ivan Dominguez. This 12-track record is a mix of the bands classics and a fistful of new songs, heard only at live shows for over a year.

Doctors, Lawyers and Patience…

Recorded during the Man is Ram! sessions at KSDT (almost 2 years after “Doctors“), the Testicle-Shitting Rectal-Wart EP is the first half of the Man is Ram! LP completely unmastered and, presumably, without bass tracks, due to the new bassist’s limited knowledge of the bands material.

Testicle-Shitting Rectal-Wart EP

A few weeks later the recording and mastering of “Man is Ram!”, their second full-length  album, was complete. This album (their most current studio album) contains a more diverse mix of old and new material, and a studio-recorded cover of the Dead Kennedys’ song “Insight“.

Man Is Ram!

Lastly, “Live @ Angel’s Sports Bar” is the band’s live performance at “Angel’s Sports Bar and Grill” with the legendary hardcore-punk band, CH3. Along with covers of Agression’s “Money Machine” and The Dead Milkmen’s “Tiny Town”, the setlist includes the only recordings of the band’s newest material, such as “Final Approach” and “Late Night Rape Party”.

Live @ Angel’s

That’s all for now. Love it or hate it, it’s still there.

These Are The FourBAR Bands

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Trying to revive the music scene is a challenge, and it’s definitely slow going. Right now we’ve got material up for The Prostitutes and The Retcons.

In addition, we have 3 bands who will be releasing material through Fourbar Records soon, so keep an eye out. In the mean time, head over and check them out on Myspace.

Our upcoming bands are: HannaH, D.E.L.T.A., and Drenched in Sweat

We also have some rare material coming from the Inland Empire’s own local punk legend: Johnny Cheapo! As soon as we’ve got our hands on the stuff, it’ll be up for everyone to enjoy.

Support independent music and help us spread the word.


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Welcome to Fourbar Records.

This is an online record label bringing you the best of the I.E. music scene. All music on here is free to download and enjoy.

Go ahead and scroll down, and check it out.

Here’s A Story About Colton P.D.’s Incompetence! HA!

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…Everyone’s favorite, boyishly charming, and HUMBLE singer is back…

I’ve decided to type some more of my inconsequential bullshit online again (to no avail, I’m sure), and I think I’ll include some personal anecdotes, as this damnable boredom has finally eaten away at my insides.

So this is MY soliloquy; MY aimless inner-monologue; both introspective and retrospective; but what if someone ACTUALLY reads it? I suppose I have to find some way to include the reader…So, reader, how about a question? Not that one, it’s coming up. If you’re a ‘punk’ it’s a no-brainer; if not, just think for a second, it’s STILL a no-brainer. And maybe I’ll have some Aesopian morals, give YOU something to reflect on…

Q: What do most ‘punks’ hate more than their oppressive, short-sighted governments?

A: Self-righteous, power-hungry, henchmen who uphold the government’s ridiculous laws. The droves of Homunculi issued badges, armed with a cadre of weapons used to scare us into subordination, and licensed to kill. That’s right! The keepers of peace…THE COPS!

So what’s the relevance? Why cops? Well, these ‘peace officers’ are notorious all over the world for their abuse of power, scare-tactics, and general debasement of the civilians they swore to ‘serve and protect’; of course, some places are FAR worse than others, America not likely being anywhere near horrible. But in a land founded on civil rights and liberty from tyranny, I think things have gotten WAY out of hand. What gives Officer Fuckhead the right to mace you because he feels threatened? Could you turn it around and mace HIM if YOU felt threatened? Not unless you like being shocked into paralysis and subsequently beaten. That’s not equality…that’s tyranny.

But enough of the tyranny talk, there’s enough of that already. I plan on sharing a few stories about my continuous run-ins with a particular officer (whose arrogance, bully mentality, and self-righteous bullshit couldn’t mask his incompetence). These encounters happened between spring 2005 and spring 2007 (approximately).

I first met Officer “T” (why would I risk incriminating myself by putting his name?) in my senior year of high school on a domestic disturbance call. My sibling and I got into a fist fight, where I was hit in the eye with a cordless phone, which was then used to call the cops on me, hahaha! “Colton P.D.’s Finest” and I definitely got off on the wrong foot when he responded to the call, because apparently I didn’t have the right to walk unless he said so. As I stepped outside to answer his preliminary interrogation bullshit, our stupid dog got out, so I started walking after the dog. Now, if I intend to do something, I’m going to do it (or at least try), but apparently my “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness” could be repealed at his discretion. I calmly explained to him that I was going to get my dog, and I started walking, but he stepped in front of me and responded with, “Don’t move”. WHY THE FUCK WOULD I STOP WALKING?! I’m not a fucking dog! I learned how to walk at a young age, and people proved fairly easy to walk around, so I started to walk around him and I repeated myself. Well, I guess that justified the use of excessive force, because he charged me from behind and slammed me into a nearby car, putting me into a hammerlock and wrenching my arm. This 180+lb. cop felt the need to hammerlock and body slam an 18 year old, 140lb. kid. That’s definitely NOT first date behavior. Then, as if adding insult to injury, I’m sitting in the squad car, cuffed and half-naked, and that GODDAMNED DOG comes strolling up to the car! Apparently, Officer T took intermediate asshole classes at the academy, because he opened the car door and said, “You can get your dog now,” wearing the biggest shit-eating grin I’d ever seen. Some things tend to be difficult when your hands are behind your back. Anyway, the moral of THIS part of the story is…Don’t open the door to the cops; if you DO, have running shoes on or pretend to be handicapped.

After that night, it seemed as though Officer T was intent on getting me back for disrespecting him, because he began patrolling around any house I was living in (and my family and I moved quite a bit). He continuously busted my siblings for ditching school, and my mother for driving without a license. Needless to say, at this point we were all a little fed up with the harassment. Fortunately, his ability to perform as a cop was overshadowed by his amazing stupidity. A few months later, after the harassment died down a little, I was driving around with a friend and what should we see sitting by a stop sign? It seemed that my family’s policeman stalker was too busy belittling traffic violators to notice that he had dropped his brand-new, police-issue ticket book, complete with a Vehicle Code Book, a nearly-full pad of tickets, and his name and badge number. Well, I’d say that for a rookie cop, that could be very damaging to your career. HAHAHAHAHA! So what do you do with a book of new tickets? You start filling out bullshit tickets and leaving them on your friend’s cars! Revenge is a beautiful thing, but laughing about it is FAR more satisfying! And what’s the moral of this part? It’s not much of a moral but…Sometimes you SHOULD pick strange things up off the ground, but you should ALWAYS look around to make sure YOU didn’t drop something.


Roughly a year after our first meeting, in May of 2006, he managed to fuck things up for me again. On our way home from seeing O.C. ‘punk’ band D.I. play at “Lyrics”, in San Bernardino, a couple of friends, the rest of the band, and myself decided to cause a little collateral damage to some yuppies in Highland. If you want to have a good time with your friends, I’ve heard some people grab baseball bats and smash the side-mirrors on some dumb, rich kid’s giant truck (the driver-side windows and windshield are probably a little more challenging). If this WERE to be done, wooden bats would probably work best, and a good driver couldn’t hurt. Unfortunately, a couple of hillbilly bros were up at 3a.m. and decided to follow us. After a lengthy chase (in which we lost our pursuers) we headed home, where we we’re spotted by friends of the victims. A local cop managed to cut this second chase short and immediately arrested us for vandalism (where we sat on a curb, handcuffed for 4 hours, after being identified). Well who should be the arresting officer but good old Fuckhead! And he had a damn good time berating four ‘punks’ who were handcuffed, and couldn’t defend themselves. He pulled out all the insults he could think of (and with such a limited intelligence it was quite impressive), among them were:

     “So what I see is a bunch of emo-kids with tight pants and bats, who are ignored by their parents so they go out smashing other people’s things to get attention.”

     “Those pants are pretty tight. What are you guys, faggots or something?”

     “So do guys put on make-up too? That’s pretty gay.”

     “I hope you guys know you’re going to jail. You don’t get to go home to your nice, warm bed tonight.”

By the time the Riverside Sheriffs showed up, 4 hours later, all I could do was look at him and laugh. It was obvious at this point that he was picked on in school by punks, jocks, etc. and finally found a way to ‘get back at the world’; he could finally get a hard-on. He left with that same satisfied grin on his face and we did our dance with the Riverside Sheriff and went to jail. This is the simplest moral of all…If you’re going to do something illegal, make sure you have a good getaway driver and an even better alibi.

That was the last time I would have to look at that fuck, but he got one last shot at fucking my family over, ruining his career in Colton in the process. Yet another year passed without much going on (probation kind of ruins the fun), then one night in May of 2007, “The Defender of Justice, The Invincible Officer T”, finally got his catch. He managed to pull my mom over for Driving Under the Influence, Driving on a Suspended License, and Child Endangerment, and I can only imagine his excitement at finally getting one of us so badly. Though I know his excitement didn’t last long. While being held at the Police Station, my mom not only found out that the arrogant, incessant asshole was having trouble at home because of his sexual inadequacy, but she blatantly taunted him about losing his ticket-book in front of a ranking sergeant, who attempted to strike a deal to get the book back. Not only was he belittled by his fellow officers for several more hours (and likely for the remainder of his employment there), but was shortly thereafter fired. The man’s career was ruined all because he was an incompetent asshole more interesting in talking shit to defenseless civilians than doing his job protecting them. The final moral is open to interpretation, and this is mine…The hunger for power can never be sated; the more you feed it, the more you starve.


Every day, we’re terrorized by these one-dimensional, power-hungry bullies…these home-grown terrorists trained at OUR expense to exploit OUR ignorance and fear; because those in power strive to STAY in power, at any cost. No rebellion can ever hope to quell the struggle through force; we are ruled by those who think OUTWARDLY, who are preoccupied with the SUPERFICIAL, and define themselves by their power to rule over others. Force is THEIR game; strength is OURS. Unfortunately, all governed peoples are victims of the same unacknowledged crime: The plight of the many is of no concern to the might of the few. All we can hope for is that the people in power will keep making mistakes, and give us something to laugh at while we’re digging our graves. Finding humor in the face of despair is our strength.

“Mastering others requires force; mastering the self needs strength”.  –Lao Tzu, “The Tao Te Ching”


This is me speaking my mind, and I doubt my band mates agree with me (either completely or in part), but we all recognize the power of speaking your mind, even if others don’t like it. Music is a medium for expression…demanding a fee for our personal thoughts is ludicrous…help us support independent music.

Freedom and Music…Freedom OF Music…

Well, if you sat through all that, bravo! Now that you’ve read my rambling, you could head over to the myspace and leave a hate message or something…

Texas and it’s pencil-written history…

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Dear The Internet,

  Travis, of Colton’s The Prostitutes, here. Now I very seldomly post anything on the internet, anywhere, but I figure if my opinion is to be ignored, it might as well be ignored by the world. And if you are reading this and anticipate a boring read just leave now, or skip to the end of the page where you’ll find the music. Anyway, let’s get on with it….

  Right-wing members of the Texas Education Board succeeded Friday, March 12th in voting to ‘renew’ their history textbooks, which will undoubtedly (and unfortunately) include public-school textbooks. 

  What are the disputed inconsistancies? It’s a veritable grab-bag of Conservative ideals. Take a look.
  To start, teachers will be REQUIRED to cover the Judeo-Christian influence of our ‘Founding Fathers’, but not the philosophy of ‘Separation of Church and State’. In my opinion, this decries objective thinking, which breeds and perpetuates theological elitism, intolerance and religious bias in politics. For the youth of Texas (specifically, minors not protected under the Bill of Rights) this borders on ‘indoctrination through brainwashing’. Sounds like the dissolution of Democracy to me, but wait, it gets better!

   Additionally, textbooks will no longer refer to America as ‘Democratic’, but as a ‘Constitutional Republic’. Personally, I see this as a political game of ‘Duck, Duck, Goose’, a matter of misnomenclature (although not nearly as fun), because America is both in theory, yet neither in practice. We are NOT a Democracy, because: A) Not all citizens have an equal vote, i.e. felons; and B) America’s ’10 Commandments’ (the Bill of Rights) will never protect ‘the people’ as they were intended to do. And we’re most certainly not a Constitutional Republic because: A) Our ‘representatives’ regularly auction their votes (which represent OUR wishes) to the highest bidder, often with little regard to their agenda; and B) Gerrymandering does not honestly represent the people and their wishes. It’s much akin to rigging a card game. Gerrymandering is their ace in the hole. 

  Okay, so religious zealotry in Texas is no surprise at this juncture, right? Neither is made up words. The rest of my spiel won’t be any different but goddamn it! It’s as though Texas’ government officials don’t think…ever…FUCKING EVER! And if anyone has read this far don’t worry, I’m running out of steam. Just one more paragraph, because it’s all about Texas and it’s biggest contribution to our society…

  Good, old-fashioned southern-style racism! Alongside the blatant disregard for the 1st Amendment (and apparently the dictionary), conservatives shut out suggestions to include the names of notable Hispanics throughout Texas’ history, AND to specify that Tejanos (Texans of Mexican and/or Latin descent) did in fact die alongside Texas heroes Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie at the Alamo. That IS history, Texas’ history, so if Texas wants to renew or update it’s history books why not just fucking admit it? Then, to add insult to injury, sociology students will NO LONGER be required to “explain how institutional racism is evident in American society”! And so Texas goes on pretending it’s history is pure and ‘white’. 

  What might be the worst aspect is that they don’t care if they’re right; just that conservatism beat liberalism! Democrat Mavis Knight explained her vote against the current curriculum with, “We have manipulated strands to insert what we want it to be in the document, regardless as to whether or not it’s appropriate.”* 

  With an atrocious grasp of syntax and blind ignorance it saddens me to know that she is partly responsible for the education of the coming generation of Texans, and that she and others like her are effectively ensuring that racism, ignorance, cultural naivety, and authoritarian politics will endure while they rot in the ground.

  I know that was a bunch of shit to read, and I commend any and all of you for getting this far (if you did). I hope you leave informed, and at least slightly irratated by the audacity of man and his unmatched idiocy in repeating history, believing THIS time he’s right. It’s insanity, friends. It’s our future.

*Quote taken from “Texas Schools to Drop ‘Democratic’ from Textbooks”

This “blog” (whatever the hell that means) and some others can be found on our myspace,

Freedom and Music…Freedom OF Music…

The State of Things

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Hello everyone,

This is Juan again. If you feel like reading my rant then go for it. If not, then just skip to the free music. At the bottom there are 3, count em, 3 links. The first two are the first two demo’s by The Prostitutes recorded a long fucking time ago. And the last is a live album by The Prostitutes recorded when they played with the great CH3 back in 2009. All three have new songs that you probably haven’t heard, so download them and support independent music.

Rant: I know that right now there are a lot of people out there who are unemployed, and being one of them, i can tell you that it fucking sucks. I’ve been looking for a job for around 8 months and i have gotten 2 call backs, and no interviews. This astounds me.

All throughout school people always said that we had a bright future ahead of us, or that we were in fact the future. And i am here to let everyone know that the so-called future that was ahead of us was not bright, and the things you did to prepare us wasn’t enough. The promise that if we went to college we would get a good career was a complete lie. I went to college, i have a degree, and right now, my future is bleak. I can’t even get an interview, let alone a career. All the friends i went to college with are all working retail jobs, or part-time, because damn near none of them can find a career. Is this the bright future our parents prepared us for? Fighting for retail jobs? being a college educated bartender? being 22, living at home, and having no prospective future other than working in the service industry? I don’t need a college degree to get the only jobs that seem to be available. So what is my college degree worth? I went to school for 4 years to get a degree that cost me around $100,000, that put me $40,000 in debt, and isn’t even worth the paper it’s printed on. It wont get me a career, let alone a job.

The problem here is, we were promised a future but set up to fail. If you have kids, don’t lie to them. Sure, they can go on to be whatever they want to be, but let them know that it’s not going to be easy. The road to success is paved with failure, and the odds are they will help pave the road to success. They need to know that setting their goals high means they have a higher probability of failing. Does that mean they shouldn’t try? hell no, they should always try, but they should be prepared to failed, they should be prepared to settle for less. This world is not made for idealists, or dreamers, lets teach the younger generations to be realists but dream big. Just because you failed at achieving your big goal, your huge dream, doesn’t mean you have failed in life. Life isn’t just about what your job is, it’s about the relationships with people you create, it’s about family, it’s about friends, it’s about bringing something new into this world, whether it be a child, a poem, a song, or an idea. In other words, don’t let your job or lack there of determine who you are, but rather let what you create determine who you are.

Free Music

The Prostitutes:

Demo #1

Demo #2

Live at Angels with CH3

For the Discriminating and Discerning listener

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Hey everyone, this is Juan from The Prostitutes.

We just played this weekend at Liam’s Irish Pub for MELann THE Zav’s ‘Annual Costume Party Punk Rock Bash’. The night’s line-up included The Ju Ju Bones, Pubic Zirconians, The Walking Toxins, The Maxies, The Retcons, and D.E.L.T.A. Some people may say that all of these bands are amazing; others might say that some of these bands suck. The thing is, one can’t judge unless they actually listen. The trouble with music in this day and age is the pretension. Everyone thinks they are the fucking authority on what is ‘good‘ music. It has gotten to the ridiculous point that some irreverent jackasses feel the need to put down music that they have, in fact, not even listened to.
Everyone needs to open their eyes, their ears, and their minds. Give music a chance. If you go to a concert, don’t just stand in the back and judge the opening bands. Those fuckers are up there, for no pay (in some cases actually paying to play), trying to get their music across to you. They are presenting their ideas, their imagination, their passion to you, the very least you can do is keep your idiotic heckling to yourself, and hell, if you think the music is good, CLAP! Also, it doesn’t kill anyone to dance. Go ahead, run up to the front and make yourself look like a jackass, IT’S FUN! What happened to punk rock? People didn’t used to care what others thought of them, but now the scene is all about looking the coolest, and making the most sarcastic remark. It used to be about people working together to put forth music they were passionate about, now it’s about putting everyone else around you down so that you can make up for how shitty your band is.

It’s about time you realize, all of you, that YOUR scene is what YOU make it. SoMAKE YOUR SCENE WORTH IT! It’s been said before, but always keep it in mind, our scene will not tolerate pretentious assholes, nor pestilent snobs.

If you want to give good music a chance, or if you just managed to waste several non-refundable minutes reading my rant, then feel free to download some good music from the links below.

Man Is Ram By The Prostitutes
One More Day E.P. By The Retcons

If you like it, leave a comment and tell me what you think.

If you don’t, then leave a comment and tell me what you think.

If you are going to be an asshole, well…at least be creative about it.